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Accolades for Little Songs on Big Subjects

Awards for Little Songs on Big Subjects

American Veterans Committee Democracy Award American Veterans Committee Democracy Award 1948 presented to WNEW "in recognition of outstanding achievement through the medium of advertising in the furtherance of 'a more democratic and prosperous America and a more stable world.'"

Anti-Defamation League Anti-Defamation League, Citizens Housing and Planning Council, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Common Council for American Unity, National Citizens Council on Civil Rights, Public Education Association, and World Student Service Fund 1949 Award of Merit to WNEW for "an outstanding contribution to the civil rights of the American people. Presented by the Willkie Memorial of Freedom House in Carnegie Hall."

National Conference of Christians and Jews The National Conference of Christians & Jews 1948 to WNEW, Ted Cott, Hy Zaret, and Lou Singer Citation of Distinguished Merit for "contributing to understanding and respect among the American people."

B'Nai B'Rith Good Neighbor Lodge & Chapter of B'nai B'rith 1949 citation to Hy Zaret and Lou Singer "in recognition of the invaluable contribution made by their Little Songs on Big Subjects to our American democratic tradition. Through the media of radio, records and personal appearance they have fought the good fight against bigotry and ignorance. With song and lyric they have promoted understanding, good will and brotherly love. Their tunes and ditties have made men of all colors, creeds and races their debtors."

Radio Television Critics The Radio-Television Critics Circle Annual Statement in 1948 "In times that cry for a fight on tolerance, Station WNEW is to be praised for its 'little songs on big subjects,' the jingles which have spread their message of goodwill to 616 stations through the U.S., produced by WNEW's vice president, Ted Cott, written by Hy Zaret, set to music by Lou Singer, and distributed by the Institute for Democratic Education, the jingles represent a successful formula adapted to a vital cause. Thus, WNEW has raised the stature of radio and served a reminder that America is basically a country where to be different is to be American. In the words of one of the 'little songs': I'm proud to be me, but I also see you're just as proud to be you."

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